Campus Writing Program Honors A&S Faculty

Jordan Yount
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College of Arts & Science

Two College of Arts and Science faculty members and a graduate student in theater have received awards for instruction in writing-intensive courses. The Campus Writing Program presented the awards to Assistant Teaching Professor Gabriel Fried in the Department of English, Curators Professor of Music Michael Budds, and Department of Theatre graduate student Sarah Senff during a ceremony at the Celebration of Teaching Awards breakfast at the Reynolds Alumni Center.

The Campus Writing Program has enjoyed 30 years of successful teaching at the University of Missouri. During that time, the program has grown to more than 400 writing-intensive courses per year. In 2016, more than 13,000 students were enrolled in writing-intensive courses.  

Win Horner Award for Innovative Writing Intensive Teaching

Gabriel Fried, English

Asst. Teaching Professor Gabriel Fried

Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award

Michael Budds, Music

Curators Professor of Music Michael Budds

Graduate Student Writing Intensive Teaching Award

Sarah Senff, Theatre

Department of Theatre graduate student Sarah Senff

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