Arts and Science Week Award Winners

Major Garrett
Kenneth Mares
Paola Savvidou (not pictured: Pamela Brown, Steven Keller)
Nicholas Holladay, Ian Aberbach
Andrew Buchheim
Kristi Galloway
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2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Arts and Science Distinguished Alumni Awards, established in 1984, allow the college to recognize some of its many outstanding alumni whose professional contributions have enhanced their respective disciplines and the quality of life for humankind, and in doing so have reflected well on the College of Arts and Science.

Major Garrett
BA ’84 political science, BJ ’84

Garrett currently works as CBS News’ chief White House correspondent, reporting for allCBS News broadcasts and platforms. He is also a substitute anchor of Face the Nation. He has established a reputation for being a fair and thoughtful political analyst. Early in his career, Garrett was a reporter for The Houston PostLas Vegas Review-Journal, and theAmarillo Globe-News. He went on to work for the Washington TimesU.S. News and World Report, CNN, Fox News, and the National Journal. He is the author or co-author of three books:  Common CentsThe 15 Biggest Lies in Politics, and The Enduring Revolution.

Kenneth Mares
BA ’65 zoology

After graduating from MU, Mares went on to earn a master of arts and a doctorate in higher education administration from University of Missouri–Kansas City in 1968 and 1973, respectively. He has held several faculty positions: he was an assistant research professor at UMKC School of Medicine and assistant dean of Arts and Science at Washington University in St. Louis. Mares has devoted his career to providing advanced science training and enrichment opportunities for pre-collegiate students and high school science teachers. Since 1991, he has been the director of STARS—Students and Teachers As Research Scientists. The program offers academically talented students and their teachers with a rare opportunity to work in a laboratory research setting with top scientists.

2015 Teaching Awards

Purple Chalk Teaching Awards
First awarded in 1974, the Purple Chalk Awards allow the Arts and Science Student Council to acknowledge the teaching excellence of select faculty members nominated by the student body.

  • Assistant Professor Pamela Brown, Biology
  • Associate Professor Steven Keller, Chemistry
  • Assistant Professor Paola Savvidou, Music

Blue Chalk Advising Awards
Since 1986 the Arts and Science Student Council has honored one or more faculty or professional advisers with the Blue Chalk Awards, designed to acknowledge the importance of advising in the college.

  • Professor Ian Aberbach, Mathematics
  • Nicholas Holladay, Biology

Green Chalk Teaching Assistant Awards
Established in 1987, the Green Chalk Awards allow the Arts and Science Student Council to honor one or more teaching assistants whose work in the classroom has directly enhanced undergraduate education in the college.

  • Andrew Buchheim, Classical Studies

2015 Student Scholarship Awards

The College of Arts and Science is pleased to honor high-achieving students with a variety of departmental and college scholarship awards.

View the impressive list of award recipients at 2015 Student Scholarship Awards.

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