Arts and Science Faculty & Staff Honored with Chalk Awards

Prof.  Jeff Milyo and Asst. Teaching Prof. Myoung Lee

Professor Jeff Milyo and Assistant Teaching Professor Myoung Lee, both from the Department of Economics, received the Purple Chalk Award for their excellence as instructors.

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College of Arts & Science
Romance Languages

The College of Arts and Science Student Council honored two professors, a graduate instructor, and an adviser with Chalk Awards for the spring 2017 semester. The student council solicits nominations from students for their favorite instructors and advisers, and the council’s executive committee makes the final selections. The student council will host a luncheon for the award winners later this semester.

Purple Chalk Awards

In a bit of a twist, two professors in the Department of Economics who share offices across the hall from each other will both receive the Purple Chalk Award, which honors excellence as an instructor. Professor Jeff Milyo’s research interests include political economics, law and economics, and health economics.

“I am pleased and honored to receive the Purple Chalk Award; the fact that students nominate candidates and select winners makes the award particularly meaningful and gratifying,” Milyo says. “I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to teach such wonderful students and proud to be part of the Mizzou community.”

Associate Teaching Professor Myoung Lee’s research interests include labor economics, policy analysis, and tourism.

“My teaching goals have been to excite students’ intellectual curiosity, to introduce students to the beauty of economics as a logical and useful approach to understanding how the world works, and to deliver an important foundation for decision making,” Lee says. “Student interactions in the classroom, during my walking and office hours and in other settings have continuously provided feedback assuring me that my efforts have not been in vain. Receiving this award is an honor and inspires me to rededicate myself to my teaching goals.”

Green Chalk Award

Doug Valentine

The Green Chalk Award is given in recognition of a graduate instructor’s excellence, and this semester the student council selected Douglas Valentine, a graduate instructor in the Department of Sociology, to receive the award.

“Earning the Green Chalk Teaching Award through the College of Arts and Science is a huge honor and a meaningful affirmation of my time at the University of Missouri,” Valentine says. “I believe my most impactful work as a graduate employee and future faculty member will occur in the classroom. This award is a wonderful confirmation of that perspective and motivation to keep developing effective pedagogy. This award will be a constant reminder that students appreciate the difficult conversations and new perspectives gained from our interactions.”

Blue Chalk Award

Pablo Serna

The Blue Chalk Award honors a recipient’s excellence as an adviser, and this semester’s honoree is Pablo Serna, an assistant instructor of Spanish and an adviser in the Department of Romance Languages.

"When I accepted the undergraduate adviser job last year, I knew I was embarking on an important journey of helping students reach their dreams,” Serna says. “A big part of this award belongs to my hard-working coworkers. A passion of mine has always been to help people, which I am blessed to not only do as a pastor here in Columbia but also as an academic adviser at Mizzou. I feel the bar has been raised receiving this award. It means commitment, and challenges me to do even better each passing year."

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