A&S Announces New School of Visual Studies

Braudis, Sager, Okker, Stealey

Scott Braudis, Joel Sager, Arts and Science Interim Dean Pat Okker, and SVS Director Jo Stealey pose in front of one of Stealey’s works, Book: Chapter One – Home at Last during the official launch of the new School of Visual Studies Sept. 27 at the Sager Braudis Galley in downtown Columbia.

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The College of Arts and Science’s new School of Visual Studies (SVS) was officially launched Sept. 27 during the school’s inaugural event at Sager Braudis Gallery in downtown Columbia. MU Provost Garnett Stokes, Arts and Science Interim Dean Pat Okker, and SVS Director Jo Stealey each spoke at the ceremony, which featured an exhibit of artistic works by faculty and students in the new school.

“President Choi, Chancellor Cartwright, and I fully support the School of Visual Studies as they focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, to prepare our students for the future,” Stokes said. “This dynamic, innovative school will position the University of Missouri at the forefront of visual art studies in the 21st century through its blending of art, media, and theory.”

The School of Visual Studies encompasses art, art history, digital storytelling, and film studies. The school will offer a bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, master of fine arts, and master’s and doctoral degrees in art history. Okker noted the school represents the first major reorganization in the college in several decades.

“This project is not the result of any administrative review or budget cut—it is instead and has always been a faculty-led initiative,” Okker said. “These faculty have done amazing work this year. They recognized the connections between the newest and older forms of visual cultures. They saw links between theories and practices of painting and animation and textiles. They are committed to giving our students the technical skills and playful ingenuity they need to be successful in the 21st century.” 

Stealey thanked the faculty who collaborated to make the new school a reality and discussed the school’s new outreach effort, MU Art on the Move. The school purchased a trailer for pop-up exhibits and workshops, which Stealey called “a mobile face for our school” that will put students “a step ahead.”

“Art on the Move will provide all kinds of professional opportunities for our students from exhibitions, to internships, to lectures, to workshops, to working professionally while they’re still in school,” Stealey said.

The faculty and student exhibit will be available for viewing in the rear exhibit hall at Sager Braudis Gallery through Oct. 28.

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