Lorin Milescu. Troy Zars, and Mirela Milescu

Lorin Milescu, Troy Zars, and Mirela Milescu led a team that characterized the new thermogenetic tool. Credit: Melody Kroll, MU Division of Biological Sciences

A team of University of Missouri neuroscientists are inching closer to developing the tools needed to decipher the brain. In 2015, the team received a National Science Foundation Early Concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) award to investigate a newly discovered class of proteins that are turned on by heat.

Sarah Senff

The Drowning Girls, directed by doctoral candidate Sarah Senff, tells the tale of three Edwardian-era English women who rise from their watery graves to prosecute their murderer.

The McKee Gymnasium on Hitt Street was once home to the women’s natatorium or swimming pool on campus. Now home to the MU Theatre’s Studio 4, the first full production to be performed in the new venue maintains that aquatic connection.

Catherine Rymph, associate professor of history

In May 1804, Army officers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and a hardy bunch of explorers, French boatmen, soldiers, and Clark’s slave, York, began their momentous journey from St. Louis, traveling up the Missouri River to explore the new lands acquired by the Louisiana Purchase. Following their return to St. Louis in 1806, both men were instrumental in creating the future state of Missouri, although only Clark lived long enough to witness statehood in 1821.

Marcia Chatelain and Mark Yapelli

The College of Arts and Science hosted its 37th Annual A&S Banquet at the Reynolds Alumni Center Feb. 23 to honor four distinguished alumni: Marcia Chatelain, BA ’01 religious studies, BJ ‘01; Thomas Fomby, MA ’73, PhD ’75 economics; Beth Snyder, BFA ’02 art; and Jim Williams, BA ’51, MA ’52 geology. A&S students presented undergraduate research and study abroad poster presentations, and the A&S Student Council recognized three Chalk Award recipients.

Assistant Professor Claire Syler

Assistant Professor Claire Syler, BA ’02 theatre, works with students who will perform in The Green Duck Lounge at the Rhynsburger Theatre Feb. 21 - 25.  Photo credit: Zechang Fu and Meiying Wu.

The 1970 murder of a Kansas City civil rights activist, which was solved by two reporters from The Kansas City Star 41 years later, is the subject of a new play opening at the Rhynsburger Theatre this week. Leon Jordan was a co-founder of the Kansas City-based civil rights organization Freedom, Inc., a state legislator, and a police officer.

David Geary

David Geary and his team found that as societies become wealthier and more gender equal, women are less likely to obtain degrees in STEM.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The underrepresentation of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields occurs globally. Although women currently are well represented in life sciences, they continue to be underrepresented in inorganic sciences, such as computer science and physics.

Susan Nagel

Susan Nagel and her team released a study that found that female mice exposed to mixtures of chemicals used in UOG operations during prenatal development had abnormal mammary glands in adulthood.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Using more than 1,000 different chemicals, unconventional oil and gas (UOG) operations combine directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to release natural gas from underground rock.

aands ambassadors 18

College of Arts & Science Student Ambassadors

Back - Stacie Davis, Ethan Tyrrell, Chris Verbrugge, Connor Dakich, Abe Drury, Marcelese Cooper, Darian Doser

Front - Amira Harmon, Mackenzie Prewitt, Kate Turmo, Morgan Magid, Madison Wright, Sabrina Heffern, Emily Abbene, Yasmeen Taranissi, Mikhayla White

Sixteen students who have declared Arts and Science (A&S) majors make up the inaugural class of the college’s new Student Ambassador Leadership Program. These students will represent the college and the A&S student body and student experience at admission, recruiting, donor, and other major events hosted by the college, such as its Beyond Campus events in St.

Teaching Professor Bill Horner

Bill Horner, a teaching professor of political science, has created the Office of Participatory Democracy to lend support to activities which give students the opportunity to apply lessons learned in the classroom to more practical situations.

When it comes to faculty advisers, Bill Horner has been the go-to guy in political science. Every few years, the MU professor says he has been approached by members of a student organization seeking a faculty adviser. Horner says it started about a dozen years ago, when a student asked him to be the faculty adviser for Mizzou’s Model United Nations (UN) organization.

Prof. Scott Frey

Scott Frey reports in a new study that higher-level regions of the brain may compensate for persistent reorganizational changes in brain areas responsible for hand sensation and movement. These and other findings have led to a new $1.7 million grant from the Department of Defense.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – When a person loses a hand, nerves that control sensation and movement are severed. This trauma deprives sensory and movement areas of the brain of stimulation, causing them to reorganize their functions. Whether these reorganizational changes can be reversed in the adult brain is of broad relevance to neurorehabilitation.

Joplin tornado damage

The 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, was one of the most destructive in U.S. history—killing 161 people, injuring 1,150 and destroying approximately one-third of the city’s homes.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, was one of the most destructive in U.S. history—killing 161 people, injuring 1,150 and destroying approximately one-third of the city’s homes. Individuals who experience such disasters can exhibit a range of mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress.

Beyond Campus STL 2018 flyer

Our popular series of Beyond Campus events is back for another year, and we hope you can join us for these free events!

Beyond Campus KC 2018 flyer

Our popular series of Beyond Campus events is back for another year, and we hope you can join us for these free events!


Truman the Tiger and Melodie Powell

Truman the Tiger high fives Melodie Powell, the 2017 Commencement speaker for the College of Arts and Science. The ceremony will begin at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 15 in the Hearnes Center.

Forty years ago this month, Melodie Powell, BA ’77, JD ’81, received her bachelor’s degree in French during commencement exercises in the Hearnes Center. On Friday, Powell will return to the Hearnes Center to deliver the commencement address to the Class of 2017.

Geology doctoral student Aaron Morrison

Geology doctoral student Aaron Morrison eventually will go the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena to expand upon the experiments he will begin at MU studying the rheology of cryovolcanoes.

We are all familiar with the terrestrial or rocky planets in our solar system—Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, as well as a number of terrestrial satellites such as our moon or Jupiter’s moon, Io, but far less is known about the icy water worlds that populate our solar system.

Dean Pat Okker

Pat Okker was named dean of the College of Arts & Science, effective immediately.

(Photo by Stephanie Atkinson)

COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Garnett S. Stokes announced today that Patricia Okker, professor of English and interim dean of the College of Arts and Science, has been named dean of the College of Arts and Science, effective immediately.

A&S banner

The College of Arts and Science Student Council honored two professors and an academic adviser with Chalk Awards for the fall 2017 semester. The student council solicits nominations from students for their favorite instructors and advisers, and the council’s executive committee makes the final selections. The student council will present plaques to the latest Chalk Award winners during its trivia night contest in Stotler Lounge in Memorial Union, Nov. 16.

Cartwright and Kerr

MU Chancellor Alexander Cartwright congratulates Lt. Col. Gary Kerr, the department head of the MU Army ROTC program, during the announcement of new Mizzou ROTC scholarships at Crowder Hall.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Today, University of Missouri Chancellor Alexander Cartwright and Lt. Col. Gary Kerr, professor of military science and leadership and department head for the University Army ROTC, announced a new Mizzou ROTC Scholarship that will expand higher education access and affordability at MU.

Ben Julius

Graduate student Ben Julius harvests corn as part of his research to uncover genes that control sugar transport in plants.

For corn geneticists like Ben Julius, fall means one thing: harvest time. Although the hard, dry ears of corn that Julius picks are not meant for consumption, he hopes one of these ears holds the secret to the mouthwatering sweet corn Missourians look forward to each summer.


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