Academic Standing (Probation and Dismissal)
Arts and Science probation and dismissal information in the MU Catalog

Computer Support

You are supported by Arts and Science unit of the Division of IT (DoIT). Professionals of the A&S Computer Response Team (ASCRT) provide on-site and remote computer support for various departments and programs of the A&S and Provost units. Mike Watson directs and manages the ASCRT.

Users should first contact the DoIT Tech Support help desk by phone at (573) 882-5000. If the help desk cannot help, they will contact ASCRT for on-site and/or remote support. Direct ASCRT assistance will be available at 884-0121 or email

Web Requests
Phone: 573-884-5266

Or use our site contact form here

DoIT Help Desk hours are:
7:30 am – 10 pm, Monday – Thursday
7:30 am – 6 pm Friday
12 pm – 6 pm Saturday
12 pm – 8 pm Sunday

ASCRT hours are:
8 am – 12 pm & 1 pm – 5 pm Monday – Friday

DoIT Tech Support will troubleshoot users’ request in an attempt to solve the problem with the initial call or email. If solution(s) are not found, Tech Support will create a service ticket and elevate the issue to ASCRT. ASCRT will quickly move to contact users and set up appointment time. Response time will depend on severity of issue.

Who do I contact if I need to request new service like telephone lines, web services, network ports, etc.?

Requests for changes to service or additional service will start with DoIT Technical Support. As soon as the ticket is placed and escalated, ASCRT will move quickly to work with cross-functional groups to quickly find a solution for the request.

Before you purchase software consult ASCRT by contacting DoIT Tech Support.

Please Contact DoIT Tech Support (who will contact ASCRT) to begin processing requests for new hardware. ASCRT will provide consultation for best computing needs. Computing needs will be based on University of Missouri standard configurations and elevate from there. When the approval for purchase is in place, ASCRT will contact you to schedule installation/replacement of your system.

Contact the DoIT Tech Support. The ticket created will be escalated to ASCRT to begin the process. Allow some time before the start date to get system ordered, services created, and email setup.

You can call 573-884-0121 with your request, or you can request equipment online here

All MU faculty can request web hosting at no charge. To request a faculty web-hosting account, fill out the form at:

Once you have submitted the form, A&S IT Department will contact you when your space has been set up.


How to access your web hosting using SFTP

Use any FTP program that supports connection via SFTP (for example, Dreamweaver)

Below is the information you will need to connect to your server directory:

Server Name:
Connect Using: SFTP
Username: Your pawprint
Password: Your password
Root Directory: /home/[your pawprint]/www/ (* make sure you include the first /) 
URL:[your pawprint]

If you have any questions about how to connect to your site, please contact Web Communications at

Probation and Dismissal

Yes. If your GPA for any given semester falls below a 1.0 term GPA you are subject to dismissal.

MU does not place probation status on official transcripts or diplomas. Probation will appear on your Student Academic Profile, which is used only for advising purposes.

Yes. It is possible to graduate while on probation if all degree requirements including all GPA requirements are met (2.0 GPA in last 60 hours, last 30 hours, cumulative GPA, major, and minor). 

The College of Arts and Science does not place probationary holds at the college level. The only major that does have probationary holds encouraging students to meet with their academic adviser is biological sciences. If a student is dismissed, a hold will be placed on his or her myZou account blocking enrollment.

Removing probation is a two-step process. Step one is completing 12 graded hours above a 2.0 in consecutive semesters. No “S”, “U”, or “F” grades are included in the 12 hours. If you attend on a part-time basis or over the summer semester, it will take you more than one semester to remove probation. Step two is raising your cumulative GPA to a 2.0. If your cumulative GPA is less than a 2.0, A&S will require that you aim for a 2.5 term GPA each semester.

Steps to Success Probation Program

This information explains probationary policies in the College of Arts & Science as well as resources offered by the MU campus that can help any student be more academically successful. Please check with the Arts & Science Advising Support Services office in 107 Lowry Hall (573-882-6411) for any additional questions.

Academic Advising

The College of Arts and Science has a combination of professional, faculty, and peer advisers depending on a student’s major. Departmental advisers will be a student’s main source of advising once they declare a major in A&S. The Advising Support Center advisers are available to assist students with administrative functions, filing graduation plans, graduation checks, and a variety of walk-in advising topics. The Academic Exploration & Advising Services Office advises students who are undecided, pre-communication, pre-journalism, and those students in transition from one major to another.

When To See an Adviser

The Arts and Science Advising Support Center in 107 Lowry Hall hosts weekly walk-in hours for undergraduate A&S students.  Advisers staffing these rotating walk-in shifts are available for a variety of student needs, primarily to provide a dean’s stamp on particular forms.  Many of these forms can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website. Examples of some of the forms needing a dean’s stamp are: Course/Term Withdrawal, Late Changes to Registration, Study-abroad Course Proposals, Transfer of Division forms, Registration Eligibility Contract, etc.

Please note that in order to serve our students as efficiently as possible, these advisers are not available for general advising, registration planning, graduation plans, or graduation checks during their walk-in shift.  If you need help with any of these areas, please make an appointment with your adviser.

By the time a student has completed 60 credit hours, the College of Arts and Science requires that the student officially file a graduation plan in his or her major. To file a graduation plan, a student must have completed English 1000 Exposition and Argumentation with a C- or better, Math 1100 College Algebra with a C- or better. Some A&S departments will have other GPA or course requirements in addition to the ones listed above.

Degree Programs—An Overview of Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Note: The date for adding Problems and Readings in the College of Arts and Science is the same as the last day to drop without a grade.

Late add
At the beginning of a semester, students often have difficulty adding classes within the one-week deadline. Requests to add a class a day or two after a deadline will require dean's approval (107 Lowry Hall) if there is verification from the professor that 1) the student HAS BEEN attending the class AND 2) the student HAS PERMISSION to add the class late.

Problems, readings, ensembles, performance in plays
The dean's office regularly allows students to add non-regular classes until the beginning of the fifth week of classes.

Re-register after cancellation for non-payment of fees
The cashier's office cancels the class schedules of students who fail to pay tuition. Such cancellations occur throughout a semester. After these students receive verification that they have been attending all their scheduled classes, they should come to 107 Lowry Hall to re-register after fees are paid.

To be on the Dean's List in Arts and Science, a student needs a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 most-recent-term GPA, and must have completed at least 12 graded hours in the most recent term.

View Current and Past Dean's Lists

Academic Standing (Probation and Dismissal)
Arts and Science probation and dismissal information is located in the MU Catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions about probation and dismissal in Arts and Science.