O. M. Stewart Colloquium

Monday, November 7, 2016 4:00pm

120 Physics Building


Prof. Anthony Caruso, University of Missouri-Kansas City, will present, "Counter High Power Microwave: Mechanism and Material Considerations," Monday, Nov. 7 at 4 p.m. in Room 120 of the Physics Buildng.

Prof. Anthony Caruso

After nearly five decades of development, directed energy weapons (DEW), in the form of high energy lasers (HEL) and high power microwaves (HPM) have transitioned from art-of-the-possible to vehicle deployable, both domestically and abroad. In an effort to prepare for risks posed by those who have been vocal and capable abroad, the DoD is investigating methods to mitigate the effects of DEW, including electromagnetic wave transmissivity control, electromagnetic wave sense and evasion, and electronics error post-processing technologies. The work presented here focuses on the problem of developing methods that can be used to control the transmissivity of HPM to cavities enclosing electronics over the 500-MHz to 20-GHz range for power densities in excess of 10-kW/m2. While many have attempted to address this problem using metamaterials, the polarization, angle-of-incidence, and bandwidth limitations have hindered progress toward a realizable solution.

Instead, as will be presented in this talk/discussion, is a series of potential condensed matter approaches, which use the electric or magnetic field of the HPM itself, to cause a transition from a high-to-low transmissivity state, and classes of enabling materials thereof.