Native American Heritage Month: Queer Indigeneity Panel Event

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 7:00pm

Women's Center

a rainbow flag with two black and white feathers centered in the imageQueer Indigeneity

In most LGBT circles, the narratives and input of native people are often overlooked or ignored. Many nations have had their own roles and identities to describe gender variance and sexual orientation, but they are often referred to in terms of queer historicity, and almost never about how queer native people are still here and need to be heard.

Come listen in on a panel of queer native creators and activists for an hour-long discussion about the intersections of their identities, their own lives, and what queer spaces can do to accommodate and support native people.

Charlie Scott (they/them/theirs) (Navajo)
Wolf (Tséena) (he/him/his) (Comanche) Twitter
Ael Diehm (they/them/theirs Twitter
Ryder Jiron (he/him/his)