Native American Heritage Month: Indigenizing Colonized Spaces

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 4:00pm

101 Swallow Hall (Auditorium)


photo of Adam Sings in the Timber with a camera to his face"Indigenizing Colonized Spaces"​

Adam Sings in the Timber (Apsaalooke/Crow)

Adam Sings In The Timber is an enrolled member of the Crow Nation of Montana. He studied photojournalism at the University of Montana, and his photo-making process includes ethically portrayingiIndigenous communities through art and documentation. He is currently working on a broader project making a series of portraits of native women wearing traditional and modern dance regalia in metropolitan settings in order to convey the idea that wherever a person goes in North America, they’re on native land.

He is focused on photographing indigenous women in particular because they are the givers of life and are the ones who typically hold the familial unit together: they are the backbone of native society. Many non-Native American people have made the assumption that Native American people no longer exist, that Native Americans were either wiped out or have completely assimilated into American society. His photo project aims to educate non-Native American people about the continued existence of Native American people while also ensuring personal and tribal pride in modern day Native American people.