Mizzou New Play Series

Monday, February 6, 2017 (All day) to Monday, February 13, 2017 (All day)

Corner Playhouse


new play series

This year we are honored to have won a Gold Medallion from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region V. Come and see what all the excitement is about as these newborn plays emerge from MU Theatre's Writing for Performance Program.

Artistic Director, Dr. David Crespy

Be in the front row as our talented playwrights spin tales of daring, drama, and desperate desire! Each spring brings a festival of exciting new plays to the MU stage, developed during MU’s nationally recognized Missouri Playwrights Workshop, which has received over 50 awards from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

February 6-12
Corner Playhouse

Tickets are only $5 at the door.

Here is the lineup for the Mizzou New Play Series.

Mizzou New Play Series schedule

It's a week of wonderful new offerings.

Monday, Feb. 6 – Graduate Student One Act Plays
Messy Closet, by Melissa Jackson Burns, directed by Jennie Pardoe
Seeking Addie, by Jennie Pardoe, directed by Melissa Jackson Burns
And Then It Was Gone, by Natalie McCabe, directed by David Crespy

Tuesday, Feb. 7 – The Day I Came to Life, by Melissa Jackson Burns, directed by Natalie McCabe

Wednesday, Feb. 8 – When the Battle’s Lost and Won, by Jamie Berry, directed by Carrie Winship

Thursday, Feb. 9 – Memory Café, by Michael Kelley, directed by Sarah Hairston

Friday, Feb. 10 – Undergraduate Student One Act Plays
Motionless, by Jamie Berry, directed by Michael Bayler
Doubling Down, by Erin Nelson, directed by Hannah Atencio
Lycanthropy, by Amy Taylor, directed by Jacob Smith
Immaculate Conception, by Jacob Smith, directed by Amy Taylor
Love Lines, by Maggie Madro, directed by Lainie Vansant

Saturday, Feb. 11 Matinee – One-Act & Ten-Minute Plays
Everyone Loves a Clown, by Melissa Jackson Burns, directed by Carrie Winship
Lower Education, by Lewis Shilane, directed by Jamie Berry
Not Another Bench, by Jack Tideman, directed by Michael Bayler
Nona’s Canary, by David Crespy, directed by Meg Phillips
Brick by Brick, by Michael Bayler, directed by Jamie Berry
May I take your Order, by Jamie Berry, directed by Murphy Ward
Speaker’s Circle, by Ben Niewoehner, directed by Loren Howard
The Attic, by Meg Phillips, directed by David Crespy

Saturday, Feb. 11 Evening – The Green Duck Lounge, by Michelle Tyrene Johnson, Directed by Claire Syler

Sunday, Feb. 13 – Matinee – One-Acts & Ten-Minute Plays
The Dark Shadow, by David Hawley, directed by Lainie Vansant
Now What?, by Meredith Foster, directed by Melissa Jackson Burns
Nefariously Misunderstood, by Zachary Conn, directed by Maggie Madro
A Difference in Cultures, by David Hawley, directed by Jamie Berry
I Got You, by Jacob Smith, directed by Amy Taylor
John Wayne and Casey, by Jacob Smith, directed by Jamie Berry
Roosevelt’s Ghosts, by Aaron Scully, directed by Natalie McCabe