Heartland Graduate Workshop: Experiencing Place and Space in the Ancient Mediterranean

Friday, October 5, 2018 (All day) to Saturday, October 6, 2018 (All day)

Swallow Hall, Room 101

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The Heartland Graduate Workshops in Ancient Studies are a series of annual meetings sponsored by graduate programs in classics and related disciplines (History, Anthropology, Art History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Religious Studies) for the promotion of scholarly and professional connections among the faculty and students of participating graduate programs.

Member departments host two days of cross-disciplinary panels addressing a theme of general interest to graduate students engaged in research on Ancient Mediterranean societies from one or more perspectives. The workshops provide a regular forum for engaged and thoughtful discussion of graduate student papers, expanding the opportunities already provided by larger conferences where responses to papers are often constrained. The workshops also encourage and sustain a vibrant and creative academic community among participating programs in the central United States. 

The series, which began in 2011, has addressed the following topics: “Foundations and Origins” (University of Missouri 2011); “Dolis aptissima tellus; Egypt in Ancient Mediterranean Life and Thought” (University of Minnesota 2012); “The Ties that Bind: Networks and Nodes of Sociality in the Ancient Mediterranean World” (University of Wisconsin 2013); “Agonism, Competition, and Rivalry in the Ancient World” (University of Missouri 2015); “Exhibition and Display in the Ancient World” (University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign 2016). The 2018 workshop will be the sixth in the series, and will return to the campus of the University of Missouri.

Heartland has been a huge project so far, but incredibly worthwhile. There is no way we would be able to accomplish all this without help, so we would like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors and participating universities. Heartland would not be possible without you!

  • Texas Tech University Classical & Modern Languages & Literature
  • University of Arizona Religious Studies & Classics Department
  • University of Chicago Classics Department
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Classics Department
  • University of Iowa Classics Department
  • University of Michigan Classical Studies Department
  • University of Minnesota Classical & Near Eastern Studies Department
  • University of Missouri Ancient Mediterranean Studies Department
  • University of Missouri Ancient Studies Graduate Minor
  • University of Missouri Anthropology Department
  • University of Missouri Ancient Mediterranean Studies Graduate Student Association
  • University of Missouri History Department
  • University of Missouri Lectures Committee
  • University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archaeology
  • University of Missouri Religious Studies Department
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison Classical & Ancient Near Eastern Studies Department
  • Washington University in St. Louis Classics Department

We would also like to thank our faculty advisor Dr. Dennis Trout, our chair Dr. Anatole Mori, and the AMS faculty for their invaluable support and guidance. Lastly, we are indebted to the previous chair of Heartland at Mizzou, Dr. Chris Dobbs, for his advice and experience, as well as our committee members, who have put in so much effort to make Heartland possible: Michael Bohan, Drew Buchheim, Matthew Harder, Emily Prosch, and Christopher Simonson.