Evolution and Social Sciences Seminar

Monday, February 25, 2019 12:00pm

Room 572, Bond Life Sciences Center


Robbie Burger

Postdoctoral Research Associate Robbie Burger, Duke University, Biology & Evolutionary Anthropology, presents, "The allometry of brain size, pace-of-life, and the rise of hyper-dense cities," Feb. 25, 12 p.m., in Room 572, Bond Life Sciences Center.

Burger writes, "Metabolic scaling provides a quantitative framework to link theory and data in order to understand the general constraints on life. These general ‘laws’ in mammals provide a useful benchmark to understand and compare human uniqueness. First, I will present new research towards a metabolic theory of life history and its implications for understanding tradeoffs in brain size and pace-of-life across the diversity of mammals. Second, I will show recent research extending metabolic scaling theory to understand modern human energetics, cultural evolution, and ecological predicament."