Comedies in Concert

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 7:00pm

Corner Playhouse in the Fine Arts Annex, Hitt and University Sts


comedies in concert

Comedies in Concert, directed by David Crespy

Both of this summer’s Comedies in Concert plays were Finalists in the 2017 Region V Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. In this madcap original series, Mizzou actors, directors, and playwrights read, rehearse, and stage a performance in less than 8 hours. Can they do it? Without losing lines, props, costume pieces, and their minds?! This year’s craziness:

7:00 pm: June 27 The Space Race, by Erin Nelson, is an absurdist romp in the Apollo 11 “hoax” as government officials pretend to be Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins in a bizarre recreation of the space flight that put the astronauts on the Moon.

7:00 pm: July 18 Reincarnation, by Amy Taylor, follows the star-crossed lovers, ANNE/ANNALISA/ANNICKA/ANNALEIGH and NICK/NICHOLAS/NICKY/NICOLAI as they come together in romantic bliss only to die tragically over and over and over again from 1520 to now!

Corner Playhouse

Tickets at the door - $5