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COLUMBIA, Mo. – Mark Wilkins, a resident of St. Louis, has given $1 million to the University of Missouri College of Arts and Science to create the Mark A. Wilkins Fund for Excellence in the College of Arts and Science.

A&S alumni are leaders all around the world, particularly in the state of Missouri and within the university community. Two of them have recently been appointed to the MU System Board of Curators by Governor Jay Nixon.

When Bobby Campbell, BA ‘90 English and political science, travels to the East or West Coast to meet with other entrepreneurs or to learn about emerging trends in digital technology, he often is greeted with a blank stare when he mentions he lives in Columbia, Missouri.

Whether you are currently a student, faculty member, or an MU graduate, odds are you can quickly name your favorite professor. That person might be someone who helped you understand a difficult subject, or steered your research in a new direction, or helped you evaluate your career choices.

The College of Arts and Science is proud to be home to some of the world’s best historians, scientists, artists, authors, performers, innovators, and scholars. The A&S Faculty Fellowship program allows the college to recognize outstanding faculty members by providing a one-time award of $5,000. The fellowship may be renewed if the faculty member is selected again.

A pair of professors, an academic adviser, and a graduate teaching assistant have been given Chalk Awards for excellence by the College of Arts and Science Student Council. Associate Professor of Russian Tim Langen and Associate Professor Soren Larsen of the Department of Geography each received the 2016 Arts and Science Purple Chalk Award for their excellence as faculty instructors.

The Faculty-Alumni Awards, begun in 1968, recognize the achievements of faculty and alumni. Faculty are considered for their work as teachers, administrators and researchers. Alumni are considered for their professional accomplishments and service to Mizzou.

2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Arts and Science Distinguished Alumni Awards, established in 1984, allow the college to recognize some of its many outstanding alumni whose professional contributions have enhanced their respective disciplines and the quality of life for humankind, and in doing so have reflected well on the College of Arts and Science.

Major Garrett
BA ’84 political science, BJ ’84

When it comes to faculty advisers, Bill Horner has been the go-to guy in political science. Every few years, the MU professor says he has been approached by members of a student organization seeking a faculty adviser. Horner says it started about a dozen years ago, when a student asked him to be the faculty adviser for Mizzou’s Model United Nations (UN) organization.

To provide support to undergraduate students majoring in political science who are participating in internship programs in Washington D.C. Recipients must be in good academic standing and must be pell-grant eligible.

  • Media and Politics
  • Hollywood and Politics
  • Saturday Night Live and Politics (presented with Heather Carver of MU Theatre)

Most people who have attended the University of Missouri are familiar with the Gaines Oldham Black Culture Center or have heard of Lloyd Gaines, the first African-American to apply to the MU law school, which denied his application. Until now, however, few have been aware of the legal battles Gaines and the NAACP waged to guarantee equal rights decades before the civil rights movement gained steam.

Pi Sigma Alpha and the Political Science Club present a Boone County Candidates Forum featuring local candidates for the Missouri House of Representatives Oct. 5, from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. in the Rhynsburger Theatre in the Fine Arts Building on the MU campus. The forum includes candidates for the 44th District, the 45th District, the 46th District, and the 47th District. This event is free and open to the public.

In honor of Bryan's dedication to academic studies and devotion to public service, the University of Missouri Political Science Department established an enduring memorial in the form of a scholarship to be awarded annually to a student studying American politics and public policy. A committed Mizzou alumnus and an enthusiastic scholar, Bryan had a distinguished career in Missouri government serving in a number of state agencies.

Politicians have been a ripe target for humorists for generations. Mark Twain, for example, quipped that “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” Will Rogers once said, "There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the entire government working for you." As long as we have had political representatives, we have had people making fun of them. Television, however, took the art of spoofing politicians to a whole new level.

One or more annual scholarship awards shall be given to students in the Department of Political Science. Recipient(s) must be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Recipient(s) shall also have a demonstrated interest in the public and political representation of business and industry in America.

Col. Steve Marks, BA ’92, has been commanding troops for 22 years, but his latest assignment promises to test his leadership abilities. In late August, Marks was named garrison commander of United States Army Garrison Italy, where he will be responsible for the execution of all base-support operations, enhancing quality of life for over 15,000 soldiers, family members, civilians, and local workers.  Marks says his new position is analogous to being a city manager.

The David M. Wood Excellence in Political Science Research Award was established to recognize the scholarly contributions of Professor Emeritus David M. Wood, and to encourage outstanding research efforts by graduate students in political science at MU. David M. Wood is a distinguished scholar who served as a member of the MU Department of Political Science for over 40 years. He retired in 2001.

The Dean L. Yarwood Scholarship was established to award graduate and undergraduate students of political science who have an emphasis in either public policy and administration or American politics. While at MU, Dean Yarwood taught courses in public administration and politics of bureaucracy. He was a political science faculty member from 1967 until he retired in 2000.

College of Arts and Science Senior Associate Dean Cooper Drury, a professor of political science, has been named the Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) Distinguished Scholar of 2019 by the International Studies Association (ISA). The award was presented to Drury at the ISA’s annual conference, held in Toronto in March. ISA, founded in 1959, has over 6,500 members worldwide and is the most respected and widely known scholarly association dedicated to international studies.

The Edith Taylor Therrien Scholarship is awarded to highly accomplished women graduate students or to outstanding scholars studying women and politics at the University of Missouri. It is awarded annually on the basis of academic merit. This scholarship was established in memory of the grandmother of Professor Emeritus Robin Remington, from funds provided by her family.

The views and opinions expressed in this “for expert comment” release are based on research and/or opinions of the researcher(s) and/or faculty member(s) and do not reflect the University’s official stance.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – With the 2015 elections for the Parliament of the United Kingdom to be held Thursday, a new election model developed by political scientists at the University Missouri predicts a hung parliament with the Labour Party winning a plurality.

Mateo Mateo says one of the most important lessons he learned at Mizzou during his freshman year is to pay attention in class.

Governor Jay Nixon has appointed Jeffrey Byrne, BA ’83, to the Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority (MoHEFA). The seven-member board provides access to capital markets in an effort to lower the cost of health and educational services in Missouri by providing high-quality, readily available, low-cost financing alternatives for Missouri public and private, nonprofit health, and educational institutions.

The University of Missouri has faculty members spread across the Columbia campus who study various aspects of the Korean peninsula. Until now, MU has lacked a central location where these scholars of Korea can discuss their work, collaborate on research projects, and find new research opportunities. The Institute for Korean Studies (IKS), which opens Feb. 9, will serve as a focal point for research about the Korean peninsula.

The J. G. Heinberg Scholarship is awarded to graduate and undergraduate students of political science. The Heinberg Scholarship is awarded from funds provided by the family and friends of J. G. Heinberg, a member of the faculty for 28 years, from 1926 to 1953. Professor Heinberg taught and did research in the fields of comparative government and political theory.

The James E. Schaperkotter Memorial Scholarship is given from funds in memory of Jim Schaperkotter to an eminent student in political science who plans to attend law school.

Jeffrey Byrne earned a bachelor's degree in political science in 1983. He is president and CEO of Jeffrey D. Byrne and Associates Inc., a fundraising and consulting firm, with offices in Kansas City and four other cities in the U.S., that specializes in capital and endowment campaigns. The scholarship endowment was created in 2007 to benefit graduate and undergraduates in the political science department.

One or more annual awards to undergraduate and graduate students with preference given to students of political theory.

COLUMBIA, Mo. –Patricia Okker, interim dean of the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri, today announced that Lael Keiser, professor of public policy and administration, has been appointed director of the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs at MU, effective Sept. 1. On that date, the Truman School will incorporate into the College of Arts and Science.

  • Congressional Politics
  • Southern Politics
  • The "Great Migration" of Southerners to the North (and Its Impact on National Politics)

Crowder Hall

CPT Ben Szany, JA, Trial Counsel – 3d Chemical Brigade, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, will discuss specific options that Cadets may have with regard to the JAG Corps.

Time: 1:00-2:00pm

Venue: Mizzou School of Law, 203 Hulston Hall, Rm 7

Presentation: Information about the JAG Corp and the process for joining.

When Mark Wilkins, BA ’90 political science, isn’t climbing Mt. Everest in Nepal, Mt. Vinson in Antarctica, or Mt. McKinley in Alaska, he works as a private wealth adviser for Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group. At Merrill Lynch, Wilkins and his team manage more than $600 million for 24 families. Wilkins loves his job and says, “Wealth management is all about leadership.”

The Michael A. Kinney Scholarship is given to students with an interest in government and/or political science. The scholarship is awarded from funds provided by the friends of Michael Kinney, who served for more than 50 years as a state senator from St. Louis. At the time he retired, he was recognized as having the longest service of any state legislator in the nation.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – This fall, the University of Missouri departments of history and political science will unveil a new program to support excellence in the teaching and study of American constitutional and democratic traditions. The Kinder Forum on Constitutional Democracy includes initiatives for undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty.

An annual political science conference featuring the latest research methods is being hosted by the University of Missouri this year. The St. Louis Area Methods Meeting (SLAMM) typically is hosted by Washington University in St.

The College of Arts and Science will hold its spring 2019 commencement exercises in Mizzou Arena on May 19. Before seniors and graduate students walk across the stage to accept their degrees, we sat down with five of them to talk about what they learned during their time at Mizzou and what the future holds for them.

President Barak Obama says the Iranian nuclear agreement announced by the United States and its partners Tuesday is “a historic chance to pursue a safer and more secure world.” Speaking in the East Room of the White House yesterday, the president said the deal will ensure the Iranians will not produce a nuclear weapon for the next 15 years.

A. Cooper Drury, professor of political science, says he sees the agreement as the start of what could be a good path.

No straight line exists between Move-In Day and commencement. This December, 2,243 students will earn degrees from the University of Missouri. Their journeys are as unique as the students themselves.

Student Affairs caught up with four soon-to-be-alumni, who agreed to share a little of their path to graduation and where the road leads next.

Alumnus Major Garrett spends most of his time in Washington, D.C., or on the road covering the most important political stories of the day, but he calls the University of Missouri his second home. The CBS News chief White House correspondent will take the stage at Mizzou Arena Saturday evening to talk to graduates about the impact his four years at MU had on his life and his career.

The Robin Remington Scholarship is awarded to graduate and undergraduate students in political science. The graduate award assists first-year students whose program of study includes conflict resolution and negotiation, civil–military relations, or women and political power. The undergraduate award recognizes a nominated research paper or essay on these subjects.

Fares Akremi, a senior majoring in political science and geography, was selected from hundreds of applicants as one of 12 Rhodes Scholar finalists in the Midwest region. The Rhodes Trust Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship program that gives graduating U.S. seniors the opportunity to pursue graduate study at the University of Oxford.

The Society of Fellows is a competitive fellowship program specifically for undergraduate students offered through the Kinder Forum on Constitutional Democracy, a new initiative at the University of Missouri that will promote excellence in teaching and scholarship about American constitutional and democratic traditions.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Since becoming law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been used by political parties in attempts to mobilize voters. In a new study, Jake Haselswerdt, assistant professor of political science and public affairs at the University of Missouri, found a correlation between voter turnout and Medicaid expansion, a key component of the ACA. He says that increases in Medicaid enrollment are related to considerably higher voter turnout in states that expanded Medicaid.

The Kinder Forum on Constitutional Democracy is a new initiative at the University of Missouri that will promote excellence in teaching and scholarship about American constitutional and democratic traditions. Core faculty members from several different disciplines have been working together to coordinate the Kinder Forum’s official launch this fall.

The first representative assembly in Colonial America was created in Virginia in 1619, by the corporation that created the colony, in order to serve the needs of the corporation. Peverill Squire, an MU political science professor, says the colony was not flourishing, and the corporation, the Virginia Company of London, believed that if the stakeholders—the colonists—had a say in things, colonial life might improve.

 SPRINGFIELD, MO—Associate Professor James W. Endersby and Teaching Professor William T. Horner are the recipients of the Missouri Conference on History 2017 Book Award for their co-written book, Lloyd Gaines and the Fight to End Segregation (University of Missouri Press, 2016). Endersby accepted the award on March 24 at the awards luncheon held at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Missouri.

The MU Department of Political Science presents: Understanding the Policy and Politics of the Upcoming Presidential Election on Thursday, Oct. 6 in St. Louis. University of Missouri political science professors Marvin Overby and A. Cooper Drury will discuss the policy positions of the presidential candidates and how each candidate might fare in the Nov. 8 election, and professor Peverill Squire will discuss the major state races at the Bryan Cave law firm Oct. 6.

The MU Department of Political Science presents: Understanding the Policy and Politics of the Upcoming Presidential Election on Wednesday, Oct. 12 in Kansas City. University of Missouri political science professors Marvin Overby and A. Cooper Drury will discuss the policy positions of the presidential candidates and how each candidate might fare in the Nov. 8 election, and professor Peverill Squire will discuss the major state races at the Bryan Cave law firm Oct. 6.

On November 11, Americans are asked to reflect upon the heroism of those who have served our country in war or peace. Veterans Day, originally called Armistice Day to mark the signing of the truce that ended World War I, was renamed by Congress in 1954 to honor American veterans of all wars.

The William L. Bradshaw Scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit. Preference is given to native Missourians. The scholarship is awarded from funds contributed by the family and friends of William Bradshaw, a member of the political science faculty for 34 years (1927–1961) and dean of the School of Business and Public Administration (1946–1961).

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