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Joseph Erb

Joseph Erb presents, "Creating Cherokee Lightening Paper: Making indigenous keyboards & orthography in the digital age," Oct. 24 from 4-5 p.m. at Room 107, Mizzou North.

Over Labor Day weekend, the Associate Curator of the Museum of Anthropology once again set a new world record at the National Flight Archery Championships.

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia, with the assistance of the School of Music, is very proud to present: De Organographia: Music of the Ancient Greeks. This is a concert and a demonstation of the oldest extant musical scores from Europe, performed on reproductions of the original instruments.

Wed., Oct. 18

Whitmore Recital Hall

7:00 PM

Join us for a special lecture presented by Dr. Christine Van Pool. The lecture will complement our special exhibit "ESSENCE & EXPRESSION: Contemporary Kachina Carving." This exhibit features recently donated Kachinas that have never before been on public exhibit. Guests are invited to explore the exhibit before and after the lecture. The talk will begin at 2pm, with a reception following.

Join us for our March Tea Time Talk. This is a topic most of us have had on our mind this winter - influenza. Come hear Dr. Lisa Sattenspiel discuss the disease that that wiped out a significant portion of the world's population 100 years ago and learn what it means for us today.

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