A pair of teachers, a couple of advisers, and two teaching assistants will be recognized for their contributions to MU students during a year-end reception hosted by the Arts and Science Student Council May 2. For the second time this semester, the student council has solicited nominations for Purple Chalk Awards for the best instructors, Blue Chalk Awards for excellence in advising, and Green Chalk Awards for outstanding graduate teaching assistants.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Hurricane Harvey is the most recent natural disaster that has caused damage and destruction across many communities. When disasters strike an entire community, they do not affect all community members equally, and victims of domestic violence are often particularly vulnerable. Researchers at the University of Missouri have now identified a framework that can help victims of domestic violence before, during and after disaster events.

2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Arts and Science Distinguished Alumni Awards, established in 1984, allow the college to recognize some of its many outstanding alumni whose professional contributions have enhanced their respective disciplines and the quality of life for humankind, and in doing so have reflected well on the College of Arts and Science.

Major Garrett
BA ’84 political science, BJ ’84

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The bestselling book, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” is being released as a major motion picture February 13th. The book and others in the trilogy depict the relationship between the naïve college graduate, Anastasia Steele and business magnate, Christian Grey. Melissa A.

Kathryn Burns, BA ‘02 communication, doesn’t actually dance on the CW television show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but the former MU Golden Girl certainly knows how to “bust a move.” Burns is the choreographer for all of the musical numbers on the show and just won an Emmy for three of them.

The Communication Student Opportunities Fund was established by the Advisory Council of the Department of Communication.  This fund supports students who are awarded out-of-state summer internships by helping with their travel, housing, and other expenses.  

The Department of Communication's Curators Scholarships are granted to outstanding communication majors who have demonstrated success in their academics, leadership skills, and community engagement.

The nation’s top doctoral students and faculty in communication will gather at the University of Missouri next week for the annual National Communication Association Doctoral Honors Seminar. The event brings together promising doctoral students and distinguished faculty members from around the nation to discuss current issues in the field of communication. The doctoral students are selected based on papers they submit and on recommendations from their advisers.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Mizzou Alumni Association (MAA) will honor 14 outstanding faculty and alumni at its 47th annual Faculty-Alumni Awards Ceremony on Oct. 10 in the Reynolds Alumni Center. The Distinguished Service Award, Distinguished Faculty Award and 12 Faculty-Alumni Awards will be presented to outstanding MU faculty and alumni.

Awards to graduate students, preferably in the area of rhetoric and public address. Consideration shall be given to a student's academic record and financial need and any other criteria the university shall deem proper in making any award from the fund.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Although 98 percent of all organizations have sexual harassment policies, sexual harassment remains an issue in the workplace. Researchers at the University of Missouri are evaluating how employees’ interpretations of sexual harassment policies can invalidate the purpose of the policies.

J. Brian Houston, assistant professor of communication, received a 2014 Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award, which is presented to junior faculty members who demonstrate superior research and creative activity.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, was one of the most destructive in U.S. history—killing 161 people, injuring 1,150 and destroying approximately one-third of the city’s homes. Individuals who experience such disasters can exhibit a range of mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – In 2018, American children have been exposed to multiple disasters – ravaging wildfires in California, to major Hurricanes in Florida and the Carolinas, and mass shootings in schools and places of worship – all of which have been covered 24/7 by the media.

In celebration of Media Literacy Week, the Media and Diversity Center at the University of Missouri invites you to participate in a media literacy workshop. Media literacy empowers people to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens. The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with practical skills that can be applied to their interactions with media in their everyday lives.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – “Lost gift.” “Cataclysm.” “Death of a loved one.” “Emptiness.” “Chaotic movement.” “Rock.” “Guard.” “Repairman. “Secondary character.” Researchers at the University of Missouri say men often use descriptions such as these to cope with their partner’s miscarriage and to describe their role in the experience.

  • Political Campaign Debates: Planning Candidate Forums in the Local Community
  • Engaging Citizens in the Civic and Political Process
  • Engaging Young Citizens in the Civic and Political Process
  • Understanding Millennials and Social Media

No specific Missouri topics, but if a local community or civic organization would be interested in planning candidate forums or debates, I could do a workshop/presentation on that topic.

University of Missouri Provost Garnett Stokes announced today that Mitchell S. McKinney will serve as faculty fellow for academic personnel. His 12-month appointment will be full-time in the provost’s office. His duties will include monitoring the processes regarding faculty hiring, grievance petitions, academic integrity, and equity resolution.

The Department of Communication is excited to host "Comm Week 2016" April 18-22!  Comm Week is an entire week of events dedicated to celebrating Communication, recognizing our students' achievements, connecting with alumni, and engaging with the Mizzou community.

Thirty-four doctoral candidates from 21 universities are presenting their research projects to their peers and faculty mentors during the National Communication Association’s 2015 Doctoral Honors Seminar, being held for the first time at the University of Missouri.  The students were selected for the seminar based on papers they submitted. The theme of this year’s seminar is Solving Social Problems Through Communications Research.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – On Thursday, August 6, the first Republican presidential primary debate was held in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, Mitchell S. McKinney, professor of political communication at the University of Missouri, and a nationally and internationally recognized scholar of presidential debates, offers his remarks on the debate.

On Thursday, August 6, the first Republican presidential primary debate will take place in Cleveland, Ohio and broadcast nationally by Fox News. This debate will offer the candidates their first opportunity before a national audience, and voters their first chance to assess the Republican candidates side by side as they seek their party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – With less than 50 days to the 2018 election, candidates in state and local districts are using digital, broadcast and print media to get their messages to potential voters. Although advertising plays an important role, for many voters during the election cycle, it’s the face-to-face interactions that clinch their vote.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – For the past few years, flash mobs have been featured in viral videos as good-natured choreographed dancing or singing events. Recently in urban areas, several of these events have turned violent. J.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Recent flooding in Missouri turned deadly and left many homes and businesses submerged in overflowing rivers. Hundreds of people were evacuated as many of their homes were under water. Often, children are the most vulnerable in natural disasters and require assistance and support long after they are affected.

Julius Riles, an assistant professor of communication, says one of the things that attracted him to the University of Missouri was a proposed media diversity center. Prior to his hiring last fall, Riles had been in contact with MU Associate Professor Lissa Behm-Morawitz, and the pair discovered their research interests aligned closely.

The newest faculty member in the Department of Communication wants to know how the media we use influences our perceptions of others—especially others who differ from us in some significant way. Julius Riles successfully defended his dissertation in communication at the University of Illinois last fall and will begin his new duties as an assistant professor at MU this fall.

Annual financial awards shall be made to graduate students in the Department of Communication. The purpose of the awards is to provide financial support that will allow the recipient(s) to focus on their scholastic pursuit. These awards may provide financial support for, but not be limited to, dissertation support, travel expenses, fellowship stipends, etc.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – “Cherry Blossom,” a 39-year-old woman worked as a hotel breakfast bar hostess around the start of the “Great Recession.” She lost her job, and three years later she was being interviewed to assess her struggles with her unemployment. She talked about her empty refrigerator.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – According to recent statistics, more than 175 million tweets are sent daily, and 11 accounts are created every second on Twitter. One celebrity who boasts the highest amount of global subscribers is singer Lady Gaga who enjoys more than 40 million Twitter followers.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of clinically recognized pregnancies end in loss, according to the American Pregnancy Association, making miscarriage a socially significant health issue. Often, women experience profound grief, guilt and depression straining a committed relationship. A recent University of Missouri study examined how men also have to cope with their partner’s miscarriage and how married couples can use “communicated perspective-taking” to cope.

Twenty-two students and one faculty member from Shanghai Normal University in Shanghai, China, spent two weeks at the University of Missouri through the Department of Communication’s Summer Institute in July. This is the second year the program has been offered; it is sponsored by the Department of Communication, the International Center, the Confucius Institute, and the Asian Affairs Center.

Human beings are storytellers. Few of us would claim to be storytellers in the vein of Mark Twain, but each of us creates stories in our heads to help us make sense of our challenging experiences, our everyday lives, and our identities.

For most of the 20th century, domestic and international adoptions were closed. Birth parents typically placed their child with an adoption agency or a religious organization and never heard from the child again, unless the child sought them out years later.

Larry Dale Clark, dean emeritus of the College of Arts and Science and professor emeritus of theatre, passed away in December at age 82 in Columbia, Missouri.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Politics and Twitter now seem inseparable, especially with politicians tweeting increasingly to connect with their supporters. A team of researchers at the University of Missouri’s Political Communication Institute (PCI) have found evidence that social media engagement—or social watching— during last year’s presidential debates produced beneficial effects for those engaged on Twitter while watching the debates on TV.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The term “tween” denotes a child who is between the ages of 8 and 12 and is used to describe a preadolescent who is “in between” being a child and a teen. This demographic watches more television than any other age group and is considered to be a very lucrative market. Tween television programming consists of two genres: “teen scene” (geared toward girls) and “action-adventure” (geared toward boys).

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